Sunday, September 6, 2009

America has been given a collective lobotomy

I cannot believe the hysteria that has overtaken America.

Less than a year after sending Barack Obama to the White House (and, yes, it was the American people that put him there, not ACORN), the American people are now intent on destroying him.

Obama is now unable to give an 18-minute address to high school kids without causing a major controversy. People are actually keeping their kids home rather than let them be infected by such socialist notions as working hard and staying in school.

This is typical:

"Thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that just really upsets me," suburban Colorado mother Shanneen Barron told CNN Denver affiliate KMGH. "I'm an American. They are Americans, and I don't feel that's OK. I feel very scared to be in this country with our leadership right now."

Having to listen to what? The President talking about achieving short-term and long-term educational goals? People should be glad that the President cares enough to give them such a message.

Have parents thought about what they might be hearing from some of their own teachers? Or their peers? Nobody seems to care about that.

Really—even if Obama were part of some Communist plot, do you think he’d be stupid enough to outline it in a video shown in every high school in the country?

Or maybe these cretins still believe in the well-discredited “subliminal messages” theory. Maybe they think Obama will flash messages on the screen designed to make teenagers worship the devil or eat more popcorn.

Other Presidents have spoken at high schools. These appearances were mentioned briefly in the news and people moved on. Why is this time different?

I had great hope that America was ready to put ignorance behind it and learn how to think. I guess I was wrong.

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